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8 Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy

Are you doing everything you can to keep your horse healthy? Here are eight things you should be doing to keep your horse in optimal health:

  1. Minimize stress
  2. Schedule an annual vet exam
  3. Feed your horse quality food
  4. File your horse’s teeth regular
  5. Take care of your horse’s hooves
  6. Exercise daily
  7. Keep your horse at an optimal weight
  8. Give your horse Companion60 – a daily antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement

Companion60 is the Number One Antioxidant + Anti-Inflammatory supplement you should be giving your horse. Companion60 enhances the immune system, promotes long-term joint health, reduces inflammation, rehabilitates injured tissue, expels toxins from the body and reduces your horse’s aches and pains.

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