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Potent & Powerful


C360 Health formulas contain antioxidants 270 times stronger than vitamin C, and prevent and counter the effects of damaging free radicals in the body. 

Clinically Tested

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Our all-natural products have been proven to help reduce inflammation across all of the body’s systems –including in the joints, gut, muscles, skin, liver, brain, lungs and more.

Pure and Organic


C360 Rejuvenate provides anti-aging benefits by reducing fine lines wrinkles, expelling toxins and creating a healthy, natural glow to your skin.

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What People are Saying about Our Products

Taking your product on a daily basis has boosted my energy levels while relieving a great deal of ongoing joint pain (knees) I was suffering from. I highly recommend this product for you, your pet or any other mammal that may need it.

Rob from Facebook

LivePet Companion60 tremendously helped our Pomeranian mix dog. He had serious knee issues and now it is very minimal. I also noticed a big spike in his energy at 11 years old and he is now more like a puppy these days. LivePet Companion60 is a great product, hands down!

Don V.

My cat, William, has been using C60 Companion for 2 months. He has more energy and more ease of movement. We both are very pleased with his progress.

Teri E.

I love this stuff. It has transformed my dog’s life. He is playing again and looking younger too Amazing!

Alan A.

I have been taking this for over a year. I love it. It gives me energy and stamina and I notice the difference within 15 minutes. Thank you for helping my body get rejuvenated.

Cheryl G.

I have been taking the Revive by C360 for three months. In that time, I have felt renewed vigor and my girlfriend said my hair seems to be thicker. Hope I never run out of it. Customer for life.

Richard H.

Carbon60Plus is the best site I’ve found for Carbon 60. Great prices and fast delivery. I’ve been using Carbon60 Plus for six months and it has amazing effects. I don’t have back pain as I used to and feel much better overall health. Excellent. A+++

Debra H.

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What Can C360 Health Products Do for You?

Clarity of Mind

C360 Revive and C360 Rejuvenate not only heal and protect the body, but they heal and protect the mind, too. Our products bring about better mental clarity, enhanced focus and a more balanced mind.

Helps To Decrease Inflammation

All of our products contain 100% natural anti-inflammatories, that help to eliminate inflammation throughout the body and drastically reduce symptoms from inflammatory maladies in men, women and pets.

Increases Energy

All of our products are designed to naturally increase energy, vitality and stamina in men, women and pets!

Enhances Muscle Definition

Both C360 Revive and C360 Rejuvenate enhance your muscle definition and reduce muscle fatigue, as well as reduce recovery time post workout.

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