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Are You Overfeeding Your Pets?

Overfeeding is a serious problem for household pets and can severely shorten your pet’s life!


You love your pet and you want to provide them with healthy meals and treats. But when it comes to portion size or the number of snacks and treats you give them per day, you need to be sure you’re not giving them too much. Consumption of too much food or too many treats can lead to obesity, do it is important to know if your pet’s eating habits are keeping him healthy. Talk to your vet to determine the appropriate amount of food and treats for your dog’s breed, age and size.


Dangers of Overfeeding:

  • Obesity, which can lead to arthritis, inflammatory issues, and kidney problems in cats
  • Diabetes
  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty recovering from a sprain, strain or break due to unwillingness or inability to move properly


Remember – simply feeding your pet and then ignoring them will not make your pets feel loved. Pets want your attention and affection, not just your food.



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    Dixie Boatman

    October 12, 2019

    Please advise me what brand to feed my chihuahua. Ideas for dental issues?

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