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Carbon60 Plus Now Available In Value Sizes!

C360 Health brings you the highest quality and best possible value Carbon60 EVOO on the market.

Now available in 4oz, 8oz, and 32oz bottles!


Why take Carbon60 Plus?

The development of Carbon60 Plus is based on the detoxification of the body, the reduction of inflammation, and related pain and chronic ailments. Carbon60 Plus is a once-daily supplement that contains antioxidant properties 270 times stronger than vitamin C, enhancing the immune system, eliminating scar tissue and rehabilitating injured tissue.


What makes Carbon60 Plus by C360 Health the Best on the Market?

The effectiveness and consistency of Carbon60 Plus is based on the quality of its two ingredients. After numerous months of testing, we found that all cold press extra virgin olive oils are not the same. We have been able to define the necessary levels of various properties of the oil to make the bonding of the Carbon60 and olive oil stronger and more effective. The result is the most dense and potent Carbon60 EVOO product on the market today. Manufactured in the USA, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards that assure the purity of Carbon60 Plus.


The combination of the proper olive oils and the purity of the Carbon60 at a 99.9%, allow us to benefit from our licensed, proprietary process. The result is an increase in the level of the active ingredient in Carbon60 Plus, compared to our competitors, by at least 25%. The amount of Carbon60 in our products is at least 1.0 mg/ml.


Praise for Carbon60 Plus from biohacking giant Dave Asprey of Bulletproof!

Carbon60 Plus was featured in Dave Asprey’s latest book, Super Human. A few words from his book:


“I met a biochemist and pharmaceutical designer named Ian Mitchell. He explained I was getting my carbon 60 in oxidized olive oil, which was causing the inflammation. Carbon 60 is not patentable, so pharmaceutical companies can’t make a huge profit on it and let it languish for decades. The result is that it’s difficult to find a reliable source for this powerful compound. Ian’s company, C360 Health, manufactures a carbon 60 product for pets, so I tried it on my 13 year old dachshund, Merlin. His energy definitely perked up to the extent that I started taking the pet version myself until Ian came out with Carbon60 Plus, which is designed for humans. I noticed great improvements in energy. I continue to take the recommended dose of Carbon60 Plus, which at the time of this writing costs about $25 for a six week supply.


Try Carbon60 Plus, a novel and noticeable anti-aging compound.”


Carbon60 Plus Now Available in New Sizes!

You can now order Carbon60 Plus in 4oz, 8oz and 32oz bottles! We also offer subscription plans, so you never have to worry about forgetting to place your order. C360 Health even offers a wholesale program for those interested in re-selling Carbon60 Plus in their own stores and websites.



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