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Our Process

Our Carbon60 Plus extraction process has been tested and perfected thoroughly. The quality is unmatched by other producers and we partner with companies who hold themselves to these same high standards. Manufactured in the USA and ship to anywhere in the US & Canada.

We aim to bring you the highest quality and best possible value Carbon60 EVOO on the market.

The effectiveness and consistency of Carbon60 Plus is based on the quality of its’ two ingredients. After numerous months of testing we found that all cold press extra virgin olive oils are not the same. We have been able to define the necessary levels of various properties of the oil to make the bonding of Carbon60 and olive oil stronger and more effective. The result is the most dense and potent Carbon60 EVOO product on the market today. Manufactured in the USA, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards that assure the purity of Carbon60 Plus.

The combination of the proper olive oils and the purity of the Carbon60 at a 99.9%, allow us to benefit from our license of LivePet, LLC’s proprietary process. The result is an increase in the level of the active ingredient in Carbon60 Plus, compared to our competitors – by at least 25%. The amount of Carbon60 in our product is at least 1.0 mg /ml.

25 %

More Potent than Competitors

60 %

Number of Carbon Molecules

25 %

Better Value

Infused in some of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Density of Carbon60 Plus vs. Competitors

1 mg Carbon60Plus per milliliter 99.9%
Other Competitors per milliliter 80%

I’ve been taking Carbon60 Plus for about a month. Initially, I quickly noticed clearer thinking and more energy. I do notice that my neck issue seems greatly reduce and I can now spend more time at the computer without getting the cervical headaches that used to bother me. All in all, I would recommend this product and will continue to order it.

Martha from Connecticut

We love your product and feel great! So thankful for your fast, friendly helpful service. You guys are awesome and so is your product.

-Shelby from Facebook

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease after all of the cartilage in my feet disappeared. It brought major pain and huge loss in mobility. Then, about a year and a half ago, I began taking Carbon60 Plus and within a month, I was walking around like hadn’t in years. I was walking up and down stairs and even doing a little running! Very little pain. This product is pretty amazing!

Brian L.

I have been taking Carbono60 Plus for three weeks and have been noticing an increase in overall energy. What was most surprising was that I have noticed that the chronic tendonitis in my thumb is almost completely gone. I have worked as a licensed Massage Therapist and have struggled with tendonitis in my thumb for at least a decade. About a week ago, I noticed that a lot of pain and discomfort associated with using my thumb for work had almost completely disappeared! I am so pleased that I have found and am looking forward to more positive changes. Thank you!

John M.

I’ve been taking Carbon60 Plus for about a year. During that period, I went off it for about six weeks. I have noticed when I am taking it, I have improved stamina during exercise. I’ve tried a couple other products and they either had a burnt taste or weren’t nearly as dark as Carbon60 Plus. In my opinion, they have the best Carbon60 on the market.

Dave N.

Carbon60 Plus is the best site I have found for Carbon60. Great prices and fast delivery. I’ve been using Carbon60 Plus for six months and it has amazing affects. I don’t have back pain as I used to and feel much better overall health. Excellent. A +++

Debra H.

Since taking Carbon60 Plus, my father’s arthritic pinky finger can now form a full G-chord on the guitar for the first time in years. My mom is getting better sleep now that her hip doesn’t hurt her as much in bed at night. Sincere thanks to C360 Health!

Travis K.

It’s been about a month since I started Carbon60 Plus. I’m getting around better than ever and back on my bike every day. I don’t have problems with my hips or knees anymore. I have severe joint damage due to arthritis. THIS PRODUCT WORKS BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE I’VE TRIED! No lie. No exaggeration. Serious relief from pain and swelling all over my body. It’s AWESOME!

Brian E.

Your #1 place to buy Carbon60 EVOO on the web is right here.