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Companion60 FAQs

What is Companion60?

Companion60 is a potent lipofullerene combined with other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that work synergistically to repair damage on a cellular level and restore balance to the body. The results are significantly reduced inflammation, less pain, increased mobility, more energy, enhanced immune system, increased activity and alertness and better overall health.

How does Companion60 work?

This proprietary formula reduces inflammation while activating enzymes that remove old scar tissue, restores mobility and improves overall health. It contains the strongest antioxidant currently known (270 times stronger than vitamin C) and balances and enhances the immune system. The combination of potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients provides full-body and mind support for your pet.

Is there scientific evidence?

We have conducted clinical trials that show marked improvements in dogs who consumed Companion60 for five weeks. Tests showed that Companion60 decreased all inflammation markers,called Cytokines, proving drastic reduction of inflammation in all categories.

Is there a toxic limit to the dosage?

We tested Companion60 at 20 times the recommended dose and no toxicity was observed.

I have several pets I feed at the same time. What if one pet eats the other’s food?

There should be no harm based on our research, but it would prevent consumption by the pet that needs the Companion60. We recommend making sure that each pet eats his own portion of food, or simply administer Companion60 directly into your pet’s mouth using an oral syringe.

Do I pour Companion60 on my pet's dry food or mix it in with moist food?

You can do either.

We went on vacation for a week (or 2 weeks) and I forgot to bring my pet’s Companion60. How will this affect my dog (being off of it for a week)?

There is a residual amount in the body for a brief period, but consistency is the key to maximizing results from Companion60.

If your pet has only been off for a week or two, no additional loading dose is required, and you may resume the maintenance dose. If your pet has missed a dose for longer than 2 weeks, we recommend another loading dose for a period of only 3 days. If longer than a month has lapsed since her last dose, restart with a full loading dose and then continue with the regular maintenance schedule.

If my pet is feeling better can I stop giving him Companion60 for a while, and if he starts to get worse, can I just start with the loading dose again?

Yes, there is no build up of toxicity, so it won’t hurt him to have another loading dose.

Why does Companion60 look milky or have crystal-like fragments in it when I shake it up?

The particles are active ingredients that must be mixed to obtain the formula’s full effect.

Why is there a milky substance at the bottom of my Companion60 bottle?

It is part of the nutrients that must be delivered when the product is taken. Making sure the solution is thoroughly shaken is as important as making sure your pet takes it.

How do I store Companion60?

Store it in a cool, dark space. It should not be refrigerated.

Can I keep Companion60 on my kitchen counter?

No, the bottle should be stored away from light. We recommend a closet, cabinet or pantry.

Do I pour Companion60 on to my horse’s food (i.e., hay)?

Horses love it on oats or hay!

What is the recommended way to administer Companion60 to my horse?

What if I only give my pet dry food and there’s product at the bottom of the bowl when he’s done eating?

If there is product remaining, he is not deriving the total benefit from the Companion60. It is recommended that you thoroughly mix the formula into the food or administer it with an oral syringe.

How do I get a full dosage to my pet?

Use a syringe for oral dosing (highest accuracy) or you can mix the Companion60 in your pet’s wet or dry food. The Companion60 should be consumed in fifteen minutes, so the food will need to be completely eaten in that time frame. It is best to feed the pet receiving the Companion60 separately from your other pets to ensure full consumption.

What if my pet doesn’t like it?

Most pets love the taste of Companion60, but if your pet does not enjoy the taste, mix it with something he/she likes or administer it with a syringe for oral dosing.

Do I need to watch my dog/horse eat his full meal to ensure he’s had a full dose of Companion60?

Yes, it is recommended for best results.

At what temperature should I store Companion60?

65-78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal range.

What is the shelf life of Companion60?

It is viable for 1 year from date manufactured. Refer to the date printed on the bottom of your bottle.

How long will it take for me to see results from Companion60?

It begins working on a cellular level to enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and restore overall health and mobility. Most pets exhibit marked improvement within 2-4 weeks, however, many customers have reported more immediate results.


SOFTER COAT – Excluding any thyroid issues, most dogs begin to have a softer coat over time due to the whole body hydration and antioxidants present in Companion60.

SKIN – The skin will get softer and more supple over time as well.

BETTER COGNITIVE ABILITY – Most subjects notice an increase in alertness and activity after a few weeks.

Companion60 doesn’t work on my pet. Can I get a refund?

See our terms and conditions.

What do I do when the delivery of the product in cold weather has frozen the bottle,or when in the heat of the summer the bottlehas stayed in my outdoor mailbox for a few days?

The formulation of the product can withstand extreme cold or heat for several days.If frozen,place the bottle in a cupboard or pantry for as long as it takes to get the contents back to room temperature.After that has been achieved,shake the bottle vigorously until all contents are in suspension.Once that has occurred,follow the directions on the label for use.Follow the same procedures for extreme heat.

How do I know what dosage to use for the various species in my household?

The dosage for each speciesis different due to a number of factors.Each of our products has its own label, and you should follow the instructions foreach individual dosage.For cats,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Cat label. For dogs,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Dog label.For horses,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Horse label.Men,please follow the instructions on the Revive label.Women please follow the instructions on the Rejuvenate label.

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