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Have your pets been microchipped?

My name is Dan Bensimon, and I am CEO of LivePet.

One of my worst fears is having one of my dogs get lost.  Of course I take great precautions to prevent this from happening, but accidents happen.

Many dogs have microchips implanted under their skin which can be scanned in a vet’s office or animal shelter to retrieve the pet’s identification number that has been entered into a database. This has saved a lot of lives and helped many dogs get back home.  The microchip must be registered and the information kept up-to-date.

Because the microchips must be scanned, I also have a collar with tags on all my dogs. If they were to get out and found, a person would simply be able to read my phone number off the tag and call me with their cell phone. I have actually done this a couple of times when I have encountered lost dogs wandering without supervision. They were friendly and allowed me to approach, and while I petted them, I called the number on the tag, reached the dog’s caretaker and arranged for the dog to be picked up.

Hopefully, your dog will never get lost, but if he does, give him the best chance of getting back home safely.

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