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Last Active Greyhound Racing Tack In Arkansas Will Close By 2022

Arkansas’ only active greyhound race track, Southland Casino Racing in West Memphis, Arkansas, announced on Thursday, October 17, 2019 that greyhound racing at their casino will come to a full stop by 2022.  “This is a victory for anyone who cares about dogs,” GREY2K USA, a group advocating for the end of greyhound racing, said of the announcement.


The wind-down of greyhound racing operations at Southland Casino will begin in 2020. “Races at Southland will be reduced from its 2019 level of 6,656 races to 4,992 races in 2020,” Southland Casino’s rep said. “The number of races will then drop to 3,994 in 2021 and to 2,662 in 2022.” It will take about three year’s time to safely get all 1,200 dogs from Southland Casino adopted into good homes.


This great news for these sweet dogs comes almost exactly one year to the state of Florida’s ban on dog racing, that was passed in November of 2018. Currently, commercial dog racing is illegal in 41 states, but dog racing tracks still remain active in Alabama, Iowa, Texas and West Virginia. It should be noted that even though Arkansas is closing its last remaining dog track, dog racing remains legal in Arkansas, for now.


In addition to live dog racing, greyhound simulcast betting – online greyhound racing/gambling – still exists in several states including: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. In these states, gamblers are supporting the dog racing industry even though there is no active dog track in their community. Similarly, these simulcast signals depend on the existence of the dog tracks that are active in other states.


While Southland Casino’s announcement to end dog racing is a victory for dogs and dog lovers everywhere, it is important to remember that dog racing is still very much alive. If you’d like to help greyhounds that have suffered through a life of racing, please visit Greyhound Rescue Austin. GRA has taken in 15 greyhounds from the Macau racing track in Florida, and is anticipating many more coming to their facility as the Florida and Arkansas racing greyhounds enter the adoption market. You can adopt, foster, or donate to help these dogs who have spent a lifetime enslaved by the racing industry. To show our support for these sweet dogs, C360 Health and LivePet, LLC has pledged to donate 2 bottles of Companion6o to every family who adopts one of these greyhounds from GRA, to help them get back to good health after a lifetime of racing.


If you are not in a position to adopt, foster or donate, please share this post to spread the good news about the closing of the final Arkansas dog track, and spread the word about the help these dogs still need.

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