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LivePet Testimonials

“I have a 9-year-old Australian shepherd, Jack, that loves to play frisbee and has been my running partner for over 5 years. Jack is now 9 and showing signs of slowing down. He began showing signs of arthritis, limping after playtime and licking in the evenings. After starting Companion60, immediately our playtime was noticeably longer and he was running harder. After just 2 weeks, the limping and licking were gone! I am thrilled with the results. Thank you so much!”

-Dr. William Lemay, OK

“Max had a complete ACL tear and surgery last year. As part of his healing regimen, I included Companion60. He loved the taste and it has earned a place in his daily food and supplements. I’m happy to report that he has made a complete recovery and I feel like he’s gotten so much more energy. His coat looks fantastic, and all follow-up visits have been perfect. I am so happy we discovered Companion60.”

-Mike P

“I credit Companion60 with helping my sweet Noodle regain her energy and silky coat after she was diagnosed with diabetes. I am so grateful to see her jumping around like when she was a puppy. I never miss a day without giving her Companion60! Thank you for a great product.”

-Dyna W.

“Yip was experiencing some of the usual problems associated with old age, such as stiffened joints, decreased mobility, and pain. We started Yip on Companion60 and as time progressed, I noticed that he not only was getting up every time I took the rest of the pack out, but he was coming along with us, as well. He is now much more interested in going outside and that is a really big change from his just lying there, watching us leave and not offering to get up. I am so pleased with the changes I see in Yip.”


“To all owners of pets with joint issues: if you love your pet and want their quality of life to improve, and peace that they are comforted, then Companion60 is the answer.”


“After just a week of Companion60, I can see the difference in my 12-year-old dog. She has more energy and is handling the stairs in our house again like she did when she was much younger!”


“I started my 8-year-old pit bull on Companion60 because she didn’t want to run anymore. Pit bulls are very good at hiding their pain, so it was hard to tell what was wrong. After a week of Companion60, she was rolling in the grass, running to the backyard to play and running at the park.We lost her last November due to congestive heart failure, but her last year and a half were so much better because we knew she wasn’t in any pain. Thank you!”

-Lashawn Bollenbach

“My little dog Bitsy (15 years old) was having a hard time getting around.Her hips would just not move very well, and she wouldn’t eat because of the pain she was experiencing. We started her on Companion60 and as a result she is feeling better now than on any previous meds we’ve tried. Now, Bitsy is walking in the afternoons like she did before and is moving so much better. Her appetite is better and she seems to have more energy. So glad you suggested this for her!”


“After a two week regimen on Companion60, I have observed the following changes in performance: my dog, Bella can stand from a laying posture with no difficulty. She can ascend stairs without hesitation, bounding with even strides as she did 5 years ago. Bella can now attend a walking session with vigor lasting up to five miles before showing signs of fatigue. I have not observed any undesirable side effects to report of at this time. Bella has been consuming Companion60 for more than three months now. **Bella previously had been having problems with basic mobility on all of the referenced points**

-Rene P.

“After just a week of Companion60, I can see the difference in my 12-year-old dog. She has more energy and is handling the stairs in our house again like she did when she was much younger!”


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