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Luke’s Story: How Companion60 Healed His Joint Pain, Kidney Disease & External Tumors

Here at C360Health, we are well aware of the amazing health benefits Companion60 has to offer for dogs, cats, horses and humans. We always love to hear real life accounts of our products making a difference in the lives of pets and people. We recently spoke with Lloyd, who shared a truly incredible story about his dog’s experience with Companion60. Our clinically tested, patented Companion60 product helped save his dog’s life and delivered some incredible results.

Companion60 is best known for treating ailments, such as joint pain and inflammation, in pets by getting to the root cause of the issue. The product works to repair damage at the cellular level by helping to reduce many different kinds of inflammation that cause different ailments such as arthritis, gastritis, muscle pain, kidney and liver disease, and more. Though this is a known use of our products, we are always discovering and exploring new ways in which the product can help and heal.

Lloyd’s 12-year-old dog, Luke, had been suffering from several very serious health conditions. As an older dog, he’d been dealing with painful joint and hip problems. Luke took a turn for the worse as his kidneys began to fail. Luckily, his vet, Dr. Cline, was familiar with the detoxifying benefits of Companion60 and started Luke on a steady regimen of the product. Thankfully, with the help of his caring and dedicated vet and his loving pet parents who dedicated themselves to healing him, Luke was able to recover. Dr. Cline called Luke’s recovery “a miracle.”

Dr. Cline is located in Anderson, California and uses his expertise to recommend Companion60 to pet owners for a variety of issues. The product effectively helped reduce Luke’s joint pain and kidney failure, but there were still challenges that lay ahead. As it turns out, Companion60 would end up helping Luke in even more incredible ways!

It was during this difficult time that yet another serious and scary issue arose for Luke. He began to suffer from external tumors, starting with a bump near his tail.

In an interview with Luke’s dad, Lloyd, we learned how Companion60 reduced and eliminated his tumors, restored his health, and brought him back to the happy and energetic pooch his parents know and love.

Lloyd noticed Luke’s first tumor on his back, about three inches away from the top of his tail. When he told his vet about this concerning development, the vet recommended he try using Companion60 as an external remedy. “He said if you took some of the formula and put it on the outside it would probably help with the tumors,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd took the advice of his trusted vet and began to see amazing results almost immediately.

“So, I started taking an eye dropper and putting the formula, Companion60, on the tumor and it shrunk!” Lloyd told us. After two weeks, Lloyd said the tumor was nearly 100% gone. He and his wife were elated that they’d found a way to reduce the size of the tumor and to offer Luke some well-deserved relief.

A few days later, yet another tumor popped up on Luke, on the right side of his body. This time Lloyd knew exactly what to do and once again he turned to Companion60. “I went ahead and got the eyedropper with the formula. I put it on maybe three times in four hours,” he explained.

“The next day you could see that the tumor was gone. In one day!”

Lloyd reached out to us because he wanted to share how this topical application of Companion60 helped Luke in such a unique way. “Normally this is taken internally, not externally, so I wanted to let you know that this worked externally on the tumors,” he said.

By simply applying Companion60 directly on the source of the problem, Luke’s first tumor was drastically reduced and his second tumor disappeared completely. Companion60 is known to detoxify, help reduce inflammation, and foster the rehabilitation of tissues, making this special story a prime example of these beneficial properties at work.

Companion60 is known to fight both chronic and acute inflammation in the skin, liver, joints, muscles, lungs, GI tract, and brain. With continued use and research, we are sure to discover an even broader range of remedies the product can provide, and look forward to hearing many more stories like Luke and Lloyd’s.

Lloyd took a video of Luke hopping and jumping around, reminding us that a few days prior, Luke had been near death. Thanks to a good vet who was familiar with the benefits and wide-ranging abilities of Companion60 and his dutiful and caring parents, Luke is now doing great. Luke went from suffering from hip problems, to kidney failure and external tumors to a full recovery.

Lloyd and his wife are incredibly grateful for their knowledgeable vet and for the product that helped save Luke. “Our vet is such a wonderful guy and he’s the one who told us about this Companion60 formula to begin with. He’s been telling people, his customers, they should look into buying this formula because it really works!” Lloyd said gratefully.

“I’m a dog lover and my wife is a dog lover and if we give information to pass on to the other customers maybe they can save their dogs as well.”

At C360Health, we are extremely grateful for caring pet parents like Lloyd, and that our products are able to help keep your pets healthy and happy. We’re always looking for ways to help you and your pets lead the healthiest and happiest lives possible.



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