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Happy New Year! Keep your pets safe this New Year’s Eve with these safety precautions

New Year’s Eve can be a fun evening, but it can also be a a scary and potentially dangerous evening for our pets. Here are a few tips to help keep your fur babies safe and sound during tomorrow night’s celebrations. Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

  • Keep pets inside at ALL times.
  • Keep an eye on any alcohol in your home. Alcohol ingestion in pets can lead to depression, unsteady walking, vomiting, and in severe cases, a serious drop in blood pressure and body temperature. Just one mixed drink can be fatal for a small dog.
  • Update IDs and microchips. Just in case your pets go missing – this is the best way to make sure they make it back home to you quickly.
  • Put on ambient music or TV to drown out the noise of fireworks, and make sure your pets have cozy place to hide if they are scared.
  • If you leave your pets at home, double-check all possible exit strategies for your pets. The noise of fireworks and elevated street noise may frighten your pets and they may try to run.
  • Purchase or locate thunder shirts for your pets to help reduce their anxiety.
  • Skip the festivities and stay in and cuddle with your pets! They might really need you.
  • If you do stay home with them, keep them busy with toys, games and treats to distract them from any noise or anxiety.

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