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C360 HairGrowth (Subscription)

From: $53.10 every 3 months

C360 HairGrowth is specially designed to revive hair growth by targeting hair follicles and restarting your hair’s growth cycle.  C60, the active ingredient in C360 HairGrowth, reactivates hair follicles that have stalled due to hereditary hair loss, physical conditions, or environmental factors that may affect follicular production. C360 HairGrowth penetrates your scalp and reaches the follicular cells where it rejuvenates inactive hair follicles and increases intracellular energy production to kickstart your hair’s anagen growth phase. You will begin to see visible results using C360 HairGrowth within 3 to 6 weeks.

Use C360 HairGrowth within 90 days of receipt. 



C360 HairGrowth Serum and Activator MUST be used together.



SKU: C360HG-1 Category:


C360 HairGrowth two-bottle set contains one Serum bottle and one Activator bottle that must be used together. Each bottle contains 2 fl. oz. / 30 ml. 


Use C360 HairGrowth within 90 day of receiving the product. 


Please see application instructions link above for further important information. 

Additional information

Weight.35 lbs

Each bottle has 2 fl oz / 30 ml

Activator: Dimethyl sulfoxide, water
Serum: Lipofullerene (Caprylic acid, Carbon60)

Other Info

Glass bottle is recyclable, please recycle.


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