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Revive & Rejuvenate FAQs

What is Revive for Men?

Revive For Men is an all-natural supplement formulated using cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled full-body support. Our tested, patented formula is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that works on a cellular level to repair and protect the body. Our proprietary formula combines organic, cold-pressed, carefully selected and tested extra virgin olive oil, high density Carbon60 and synergistic ingredients to increase vitality, energy, stamina and muscle definition. It also balances the immune system and provides healthy immune support. C360 Health Revive improves physical performance while providing increased mental focus, and there are no known side effects.

What is Rejuvenate For Women?

REJUVENATE For Women is an all-natural, anti-aging formula containing powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This unique formula works at a cellular level to reduce inflammation throughout the body and repair existing damage. The result is increased energy, more stamina, better workouts , enhanced muscle definition and a youthful glow. Our patented, tested formula contains organic, cold-pressed, carefully selected extra virgin olive oil combined with high density Carbon60 to create a potent lipofullerene. We have included additional ingredients that enhance the performance of our lipofullerene, resulting in a powerful proprietary formula that improves cognitive function and physical well-being; all of these benefits with no know side effects.

How does Revive & Rejuvenate work?

It contains the strongest antioxidant currently known (270 times stronger than vitamin C) and enhances cell function by negating oxidative stressors (free radicals). Potent, natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients have been added to dramatically reduce inflammation throughout the body. This reduction in inflammation improves cognitive focus, gut health, joint flexibility, mobility and reduces pain. It also detoxifies the body and supports the immune system, bringing the body back to balance.

Is there scientific evidence?

Yes. Please follow the links in our research section to review relevant articles and studies. We update it frequently as more research is coming to light every day.

Is there a toxic limit to the dosage?

We tested our products at 20 times the recommended dose and no toxicity was observed.

If I am feeling better, can I stop taking Revive/Rejuvenate for a while, and if I start to get worse, can I just start with the loading dose again?

Yes, there is no build-up of toxicity, so it won’t hurt you to have another loading dose.

Why does Revive/Rejuvenate look milky or have crystal-like fragments in it when I shake it up?

The particles are active ingredients that must be mixed in to obtain the serum’s full effect.

What is the recommended dosage of Revive?

What is the recommended dosage of Rejuvenate?

How do I store Revive & Rejuvenate?

Store it in a cool dark space. It should not be refrigerated.

Can I keep Revive & Rejuvenate on my kitchen counter?

No, the bottle should be stored away from light. We recommend a closet, cabinet or pantry.

At what temperature should I store Revive & Rejuvenate?

65-78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal range.

What is the shelf life of Revive & Rejuvenate?

It is viable for a two-year period.

We went on vacation for a week (or 2 weeks) and I forgot to bring my Revive/Rejuvenate. How will this affect me (being off of it for a week)?

There is a residual amount in the body for a brief period, but consistency is key to maximizing results from Revive and Rejuvenate. If you have only been off for a week or two, no additional loading dose is required, and you may resume the maintenance dose. If you have missed your maintenance dose for longer than two weeks, we recommend another loading dose for a period of 3 days. If longer than a month has lapsed since your last dose, restart with a full loading dose and then continue with the regular maintenance schedule.

Why is there a milky substance at the bottom of my Revive/Rejuvenate bottle?

It is part of the nutrients that must be delivered when the product is taken. Making sure the solution is thoroughly shaken is as important as making sure you remember to take your daily dose.

How long will it take for me to see/feel results from Revive/Rejuvenate?

The product begins working on a cellular level to enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and restore overall health and mobility. Most people exhibit marked improvement within 2-4 weeks, however many customers have reported more immediate results.

Can I take Revive/Rejuvenate along with NSAIDS or prescribed pain medication?


I am not satisfied with the results of Revive/Rejuvenate. Can I get a refund?

See our terms and conditions.

What do I do when the delivery of the product in cold weather has frozen the bottle,or when in the heat of the summer the bottle has stayed in my outdoor mailbox for a few days?

The formulation of the product can withstand extreme cold or heat for several days.If frozen,place the bottle in a cupboard or pantry for as long as it takes to get the contents back to room temperature.After that has been achieved,shake the bottle vigorously until all contents are in suspension.Once that has occurred,follow the directions on the label for use.Follow the same procedures for extreme heat.

How do I know what dosage to use for the various species in my household?

The dosage for each speciesis different due to a number of factors.Each of our products has its own label, and you should follow the instructions foreach individual dosage.For cats,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Cat label. For dogs,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Dog label.For horses,please follow the instructions on the Companion60 Horse label.Men,please follow the instructions on the Revive label.Women please follow the instructions on the Rejuvenate label.

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