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Seven Ways To Reduce Your Pet’s Stress Over The Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone – including our pets. Our pets are just as affected by the time change, holiday hustle and bustle, change in schedules, travel, lots of new people in the house, more package deliveries to the house, etc. Our pets can also feel when we are stressed out. Make sure you are paying extra close attention and giving your pets some extra TLC over the holiday season! Here are some tips to help reduce your pets’ stress over the holidays:


  1. Stick to your routine as much as possible
  2. Take time out with your pet when things get chaotic
  3. Provide a safe place, like a bedroom, for them to get away from visitors if they need to.
  4. Exercise and playtime
  5. Keep a close on the little ones. Even when they think they are playing with your pet, their “playing” could be agitating or harmful to your pets.
  6. Watch the doors closely for guests going in and out. The last thing anyone would want is a lost pet!
  7. If you are traveling without your pet, make sure you have a pet sitter that you trust, and ideally that your pet already knows and loves.

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