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The Dangers of Free Radicals + How To Fight Them

There is a lot of information surrounding different things that affect your overall health and wellness. You may have heard the term ‘free radical’ before, but you might not understand exactly what free radicals are or how they impact your general health. Having the correct information and knowledge about free radicals and how to avoid them can help you make the best choices for your body and help keep you at your happiest and healthiest. Developing healthy habits, avoiding things and situations that promote the generation of free radicals, and using products from C360 Health, are all great ways to ensure you stay healthy and that your body thrives. C360 Health uses Carbon60, a highly potent antioxidant, to powerfully expel free radicals from the body. By incorporating the products into your daily routine and life, you can actively take a step to minimize the damage free radicals are prone to cause.



What are free radicals?
In order to fully understand what free radicals are and how they work, we need to flashback to a bit of basic chemistry. The body is comprised of atoms. These atoms contain an outer shell filled with electrons. When atoms are stable and healthy, their outer shells are completely filled with these electrons. However, sometimes atoms are missing an electron in their shell, making them unstable and prone to react with other atoms—these are called free radicals. Some free radicals are actually a naturally occurring by-product of many chemical processes that occur naturally in the body such as metabolism. Free radicals are produced a variety of
ways, the most harmful of which are due to environmental exposure to carcinogens (any substance that promotes the growth and formation of cancer), pollutants, and even food or water. Though having some naturally-occurring free radicals in the body is normal and necessary, when too many build up they can cause a variety of serious health issues. When your body has too many free radicals it enters a state called oxidative stress, which can cause chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to a plethora of serious health issues.



What do free radicals do?
Free radicals essentially look for healthy cells to latch onto in order to ‘steal’ their electrons and fill their outer shells. They search the whole body and all of its systems looking for a pair. This causes a chain reaction that causes free radicals to keep on generating and regenerating. The unstable atoms impede the performance of properly functioning atoms, making them harmful to bodily systems and processes. Free radicals cause damage by changing the structure of healthy atoms, leading to both cellular damage and DNA coding errors.



How do free radicals harm the body?
Free radicals are commonly linked to a variety of serious health issues. Chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer have been associated with having too many free radicals in the body causing damage to cells. Chronic joint pain, gut inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney and liver disease are all also linked to a build-up of free radicals in the body. Free radicals have also been linked to dramatic aging due to the oxidative stress that free radicals cause. This means that not only can free radicals affect your internal health, but they can also affect your external health and appearance.



What are antioxidants?
While free radicals are unstable atoms that steal electrons from cells, antioxidants essentially do the opposite. They ‘donate’ an extra electron to unstable cells like free radicals, without becoming unstable themselves. This effectively stops the chain reaction that occurs when free radicals get out of control. Simply put, antioxidants are free radical fighters! These powerful molecules have the amazing ability to stop free radicals from causing damage, thereby reducing the risk and harm associated with having an overabundance of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants can be found in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E are good sources of antioxidants. Though eating healthily is extremely important, oftentimes simply eating right isn’t enough to provide your body with enough antioxidants to effectively fight free radicals. Luckily, products from C360 Health are here tosolve that problem. Carbon60 is the world’s most powerful antioxidant currently known – 270 times stronger than vitamin C! By taking one small, daily C360 Health supplement, you are fighting free radicals in the body to the absolute best of your ability.



How can C360 Health help?
C360 Health is a powerful product line that works as a super antioxidant and helps to drastically reduce inflammation. Since our product contains so many powerful, free radical fighting antioxidants, using C360 Health products allows free radicals to be efficiently and effectively dealt with in the body. C360 Health focuses on many different systems in the body, making it an all-purpose tool for reducing harmful cells throughout your body. From your muscles to your bones to your brain, all of your body’s most essential elements can benefit from a powerful dose of antioxidants.

C360 Health offers a variety of powerful products that can help you in the fight against free radicals. Combined with healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and avoiding unnecessary exposure to environmental stressors, using C360 Health’s line of products helps ensure you give your body the tools it needs.

Free radicals are the root cause many chronic problems. Luckily, C360 Health supplements are here to help you reduce the number of harmful free radicals in your body, and to give your body the extra edge it needs.

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