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The Importance of Self-Care

This week (October 6 – 13, 2019) is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we are focusing on the importance of taking the time to practice Self-Care.

Webster defines self-care as:

“the practice of taking action to preserve, protect and improve one’s own health, well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”
Self-care is extremely important for your physical and mental health. Without it, your relationships with others, and with yourself, suffer. Self-care includes practices that make you less stressed, well-rested, more energetic, at peace, self-confident, healthier and happier.
We have so many daily responsibilities and dedications – family, work, friendships, pets, paying bills, errands, taking care of our homes, etc. The list of obligations in your life could probably go on forever. Some of these things, such as family, friends and pets, are self-fulfilling and bring us joy. But so many of them do not, and it is important to put YOURSELF and your JOY on that to-do list!
Remember: You cannot pour from an empty cup. How can you take care of your loved ones if you have not been taking care of yourself.
Make taking care of yourself a priority. What relaxes you? What makes you happy? What makes you feel more fulfilled? Is it a bath and a glass of wine at the end of a long day? Is it running in the park with your dog? Taking the time to work out or read a great book? What is missing in your busy life that would make you Make a list of these things and find the time to do them! Taking the time to do these things for yourself – activities that put your mind at peace and make you happy – is just as important as eating the right foods and taking your daily vitamins and supplements.
Here are a few ideas to help you focus on self-care:
  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Rest & allow yourself to take a break
  • Try out a new hobby, or pick up an old one
  • Curl up with a good book
  • Take a nature walk, by yourself or with your pets!
  • Spend quality time with your pets
  • Do yoga or exercise
  • Journal
  • Take a vacation or stay-cation
  • Take a class for fun
  • Meditate
  • Write down the things that have been weighing you down, and let go of them

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