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This week is Puppy Mill Action Week!

Adopt, Don’t shop!

Help stop puppy mills! Save a life and adopt a dog from your local shelter!

This week (May 5 -11)  is Puppy Mill Action Week, an important week to raise awareness about the terrible conditions these mill puppies and the breeding parents can live in, where they are simply treated as a commodity instead of loved companion animals.

Every year in America, it is estimated that 2.11 million are sold as a result of these mass breeding operations. At these mills, puppies and their breeding parents are often crammed into cages, deprived of daily play or exercise and veterinary care. Additionally, when male or female dogs can no longer breed, they are often abandoned or killed.

Ending puppy mills starts with ALL OF US! Things you can do to help stop puppy mills:

  • ADOPT, don’t shop! Adopt pets from your local shelter.
  • Educate yourself and others about the brutal conditions in the puppy mills.
  • Share information about rescue pups at your local shelters who need good homes.
  • Speak up and speak out against puppy mills!

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